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Posted By: Rumncoke
07-May-05 - 12:03 PM
Thread Name: BS: Migraine sufferers, advice please?
Subject: RE: BS: Migraine sufferers, advice please?
I had migranes in my younger days - they stopped when I divorced my first husband. I also stopped drinking black coffee, so it is difficult to say precisely what happened to stop them.

I still find feverfew self sown in the garden, have peppermint essence in the drawer with cookery things - but I have only ever had a migrane once since then. It was not the same, as I used to get a flashing lattice, but this was being half blind.

I can voluntarily lower my blood pressure - I am overweight and have been using the trick to annoy medical professionals for decades. My blood pressure without the trick is good - I checked at the gym, but it is excellent at hospital and clinic. I do it quite regularly - it is a cure for insomnia. I don't get ordinary headaches and my calm good humour is remarked on.