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Posted By: catspaw49
11-Dec-99 - 09:51 AM
Thread Name: Your top ten folk albums
Subject: RE: Your top ten folk albums
I can't believe that I'm about to say this, but.......

EMMIE......I'm glad you've come to Mudcat and I notice a lot of new posts you've made. I see you enjoy what we might refer to as "folk-like" sounds of some artists you mention as many of us do. But the word "Folk" for most of us at the 'Cat carries a meaning and a history that shouldn't be lost. We have run long threads arguing over the exact usage of the word and I'm not wanting to start another I assure you! But go back and enter "FOLK" in the filter box and you'll hit a few and see what I mean.

My point here is a bit different. As someone who enjoys the people you mention, you owe it to yourself to go back in time a bit and listen to the root music from which the more recent music is derived. I am not trying to tell you someone is or isn't a folk musician. I love a guy named Patrick Sky for instance. He did a lot of traditional stuff, often with a twist, and his own material is influenced by the traditional. Point is, I like him, no matter where we try to pigeonhole him. But his traditional stuff got me listening to more of it and recognizing the roots and traditions of the genre.

That's why, at least in part, that Kendall and Mario suggested the Folk-Legacy catalogue. Sandy and Caroline Paton are wonderful people who have spent a lifetime collecting and passing on the traditions of folk music. That catalogue is not just a list, but an education. When you get a Folk-Legacy Album, your education continues with the BEST liner notes in the recording business. Hell, they aren't liner notes...more like textbooks but far less boring! The Patons are also 'Catters and Sandy's posts reflect the philosophy they live by and have passed on to many here. Order something. Try the Golden Ring series or perhaps the "Golden Ring Reunion"...if you just want a sampler.

I know you've enjoyed some of the craziness of this place and I'm glad. But even the most "whacked" of us (probably me) has a kind of serious side too. We were brought here by the shared love of the genre and we never forget that. Hope you try out something from Folk-Legacy.....You'll love it.