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Posted By: Jeanie
09-May-05 - 02:30 PM
Thread Name: Talkative Audience Members
Subject: RE: Talkative Audience Members
I was once in a bizarre religious play which attracted a bizarre audience to match - who were seated on three sides of the stage area. After much loud debate, a couple stood up and walked right across the stage during a lighting/scene change. It was coming up to the interval, and I assumed they were off to the bar or toilet and wouldn't be coming back. Their departure was bad enough....but then, lo and behold, back they came again after a couple of minutes, not even waiting for a lighting change - in fact, at a very crucial "dramatic" moment when the Witch of Endor was conjuring up a vision of the prophet Samuel (or some similar Old Testament prophet) wafting across in spectral blue light.The dialogue went: "What can you see ?" - "I see an old man in a white robe" - The witch could just as well have added "followed by a middle-aged man in a tweed jacket and a lady in a blue cardigan."

When onstage I've often heard audience members passing remarks to each other during plays (just this last week, in The Merchant of Venice, during the trial scene: "Oooh, look, Marge, he's brought the scales with him") but I think that's rather good - it means they are really into the action - rather than becoming the action, like those cross stage wanderers !

- jeanie