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Posted By: GUEST,Vicky Sirman
09-May-05 - 02:44 PM
Thread Name: Save Lancaster Maritime Festival!
Subject: RE: Save Lancaster Maritime Festival!
Ok, the Lancaster Council really want to take a look at what they are in effect STEALING from people. I have been envolved with Folk/Shanty music for a lot of years, but going to the Lancaster Festival really opened my eyes to what it is all about. 2 years ago was my first trip to Lancaster for the Festival, and along with me I took my 2 month old daughter. I thought it would get too much for her, but soon realised that the Festival is for all ages, from new-born onwards. The next year i took along my 1yr old daughter and my 2 month old son. My Daughter had more fun there than anything else, and now at 2yrs and 2 months old, she is playing music, dancing and singing. I have no doubt whatsoever that this is because of the direct influence of the Festival. (Also helped by the fact that her Grandad is so very influencial on her, Vive Grandad Paul Sirman (The Hobbit))
I can guarantee that this Festival cannot and will not die, as long as people like my daughter still hold the light of it inside their hearts!
Love to all
Vicky xx