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Posted By: belfast
09-May-05 - 04:04 PM
Thread Name: BS: Sinn Fein Abu
Subject: RE: BS: Sinn F�in Ab�
A small point of information. Rory O'Bradaigh's departure from SF was occasioned by the decision to take seats in the Dail. (The policy as regards Westminister is still abstentionist.) To many at the time time it seemed like an academic squabble as it seemed highly unlikely that SF could win seats in the 26 counties. The need for a change in the abstentionist position mas being discussed as early as the Hunger Strikes. It seems that some people knew very early where they were going.

Big Tim, no matter where he lives, has as much right as anyone to say what he thinks about the situation but I am surprised to see him misunderstand the significance of SF's results in the Westminster Election.

Tim says,"There will never be a united Ireland until the unionist people say that it's OK."

I, for one, don't accept this. This state was created in such a way that there was a sizable Unionist majority. Otherwise it was highly unstable. Including the other counties of Ulster would have made that majority too small. The state was still highly unstable and could only be held in existence by force of arms and gerrymandering. But now we are at that condition which the creators of the state knew to be untenable.

I have no idea exactly how the situation will resolve itself but I have no doubt that the result will be a United Ireland. And I have no doubt that many people in Britain will breathe a sigh of relief.