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Posted By: Rick Fielding
11-Dec-99 - 12:28 PM
Thread Name: Rick Fielding
Subject: RE: Rick Fielding
Yup Joe, most of my albums have sold about 200 copies. In Canada that's a Gold record! I have numerous awards for recordings that have gone "Melmac",(25 sales) but this time were looking for that elusive "Arborite" goal. That's where you sell 100, and it doeasn't include your relatives!
On a serious note, (hope new catters know that I'm usually joking) the making, and marketing of albums in a traditional style is a humbling experience. The day Sandy and Caroline Paton decided to start a folk music record company 40 years ago was decidedly NOT the day they opted to go for "big bucks"! But oh boy, non-mainstream pickers like myself owe a huge debt of gratitude to folks like them,(and the Borealis "family",) and people like Wally and Dick who help get the stuff out to people who want to hear it.

To McKnees: Ignore Catspaw, he's obsessed with the female form. I, on the other hand would suggest your new moniker reflect your "Trecker" interests. Oh, and you're right about re-naming cooking disasters. Once when the cap fell of a bottle of curry powder, I renamed "yankee pot-roast" as "Bombay surprise"!

Rick(still embarrassed by this thread, but glad to have made some mudcat friends in '99)