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Posted By: jonm
10-May-05 - 02:01 AM
Thread Name: Tips for teaching a lefty guitar?
Subject: RE: Tips for teaching a lefty guitar?
Hendrix, McCartney and Cobain all played right-handed instruments restrung. Ditto Albert Collins. The only true upside-down left-hander I know of was Elizabeth Cotten.

When I first played a mandolin, I turned a right-hander over and disovered that standard mando tuning (GDAE) becomes the lowest four strings on a guitar (EADG) so I suddenly knew all the chords.

It is possible to play a right-handed fiddle left handed if you hold it nearer to vertical than normal, or play it on your knee.

Very very few right handers appreciate how many of today's everyday objects are biased. Left handers struggle to write neatly without the hand smudging their script. Fountain pens require special nibs to allow them to "push" across the paper. Left handed operation of scissors pushes the blades apart. And the numbers on a ruler go left to right, so your hand obscures the measurement.

In my case, the rhythm is very strongly in my left hand, therefore I pick with it. It's also the hand I use for melody on an upside-down piano accordion (the bass tends to follow). At least the English concertina is even-handed!