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Posted By: GUEST,Tunesmith
10-May-05 - 08:52 AM
Thread Name: Tips for teaching a lefty guitar?
Subject: RE: Tips for teaching a lefty guitar?
O dear!! How the brain can deceive!! Who would like to say, when playing the guitar, in the orthodox position, which hand has the more complex job? And in answer to our friend with his cricket and golf input, surely,in those sports one hand/arm is clearly dominant!! But which is the dominant hand/arm in guitar playing? I would say that the "dominance" keeps switching from one hand to and next, depending on the particular demands of the music being played. To refer back to one of my earlier postings, this left-hand/right-hand "thing" stems from ones initial contact with instrument. It may seem more natural for left-handed people to hold the guitar in a "left-handed" position, but, then again, it feels alot more natural for a child to "doggy -paddle" the first time in the swimming-pool, rather than attempt the more complex " crawl"!