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Posted By: PoppaGator
10-May-05 - 01:59 PM
Thread Name: poor Beethoven or Wanna meet chicks?
Subject: RE: poor Beethoven or Wanna meet chicks?
"Poor Beethoven"????? Why "poor"? Beethoven was deaf, so he wouldn't have to listen to all the crap we're subjected to in public these days.

That noisy nasty recorded rock music may have driven a couple of cute young chicks out of the restaurant (referring back to leenia's initial message), but I have a hunch that the band members manage to make positive impressions on at least some young women (no matter how dumb and tasteless they might seem to old fogies like us) when playing live and working up their material. I mean, after all, why else do guys form rock bands? If their approach wasn't producing the desired effect upon on the females in their peer group, I can't imagine that they'd keep at it...