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Posted By: Uncle_DaveO
10-May-05 - 06:33 PM
Thread Name: Talkative Audience Members
Subject: RE: Talkative Audience Members
This doesn't happen only in entertainment venues.

I'm a court reporter--the guy that sits in a meeting with the little machine and writes down everything that's said, at real-time speeds. This is highly concentrated work, listening, understanding, and writing down English as she is spoke.

It has happened to me in a number of instances that people have come up in the middle of a case and spoken to me (very quietly, of course, "so as not to disturb anybody") about how do they order a transcript, or who is that lawyer over there representing or the like, or "how does that little machine work?" All I can do, of course, is to give a VIGOROUS shake of the head and pointedly look away from the interrupter.

And the strange thing is that often enough these interrupters are people who presumably know what's going on in a court of law, what a court reporter does, and so forth--including lawyers.   

And I'm not even in a position to stop performing and tell the interrupter to bug off, since the words I have to write down are flying at me at a rate of perhaps three to four words every second, and anything that I don't hear and write down right now is lost forever.   

Dave Oesterreich