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Posted By: Mick Lowe
11-Dec-99 - 06:17 PM
Thread Name: Chords req: plus some other stuff
Subject: RE: Chords req: plus some other stuff
Thanks Barry
I assume that's the same "Jack in the Green" that Grand Union Morris sing (well one of them, possibly Andrew) on their latest album.. the title of which I love "Can't Get The Buggers Out".. Good tape, well worth listening to, and if I had it to hand I'd post the URl for their site here, but I don't, so I won't..
I'd offer to do it tomorrow but I've a feeling Mary will beat me to it.
And just out of interest, I've transcribed the lyrics to "Lousy War" as sung by Roy Harris (well I think it's him singing it).. here goes..

tune (What a friend we have in Jesus)

When this lousy war is over
No more soldiering for me
When I get my civvy clothes
Oh how happy I shall be

No more church parades on Sunday
No more putting in for leave
I will miss the sergeant-major
How he'll miss me, how he'll grieve

No more standing to in trenches
Only one more church parade
No more N.C.O.'s to curse us
No more Tickler's marmalade


They all said when we enlisted
Fame and medals we would win
But the fame is in the guard room
And those medals made of tin