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Posted By: Jimmy C
11-May-05 - 03:55 PM
Thread Name: BS: Sinn Fein Abu
Subject: RE: BS: Sinn Féin Abú

re: free rein by your army.

In vast parts of the 6 counties they were given free rein and they were beaten, all those professionally trained marines, S.A.S. etc, etc were BEATEN by kids from the streets. LIVE WITH THAT. The diffreence this time is the nationalist had guns, so it was modern guns against modern guns and not modern guns against relics that were hidden in barns for years. The result was the great british army being beaten to a standstil, and that is what is sticking in your craw. If the kids from Belfast, Derry, Armagh, Newry had even half the equipment and the training that "your lads" had it would not even have been a contest. Ask any of your soldiers who served in Crossmaglen or the Falls, or the Markets, or the New Lodge or Toomebridge and numerous other places and if are truthful they will admit to being thrashed. The great british empire was built on guns against pikes, pitchforks and scythes, and look what happened when the "colonials" acquired their own guns. You were beaten out of everywhere you once ruled, beaten out and the same scenario will repeat in Ireland.