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Posted By: Bill D
12-May-05 - 12:42 AM
Thread Name: pg13 Lyr Add: 'Hot Vagina' Trad. Bawdy Song
Subject: RE: pg13 Lyr Add: 'Hot Vagina' Trad. Bawdy Song
Ms. Blissfully Ignorant, m'am, I am not aware of ANYONE finding 'vagina' offensive. I certainly hope my post did not indicate that *I* did...but I do inquire, in a slightly bemused manner, whether you understood the point of my remarks.

I am quite happy to have bawdy lyrics posted, discussed and available to one and all.....but NOT in such a way as to set off 'taste' alarms in various filtering programs that would prevent more people from getting INTO Mudcat than would possibly respond to John's 'research' questions.

(pretty scary, too, when I find myself agreeing with gargoyle (and others) about the 'trad' nature of the current set of 'research' threads. There are GOOD, well-crafted, thoroughly traditional bawdy songs out there...but perhaps John Mehlberg feels that he has enough data on those, and so has nothing else to 'research' but the purile, raunchy, dumb, juvenile, insipid, tasteless stuff bellowed by drunken Rugby players and college jocks over a keg of Budweiser......did I mention juvenile?...oh, yes, I see I did...*grin*)

Well, quite apart from my personal opinions about 'taste', I **STILL** would not curtail Mr. Mehlberg's right to collect and research the stuff to his heart's content. If he wants to write a 27 volume tome on the subject, more power to him!......... ONE MORE TIME....I am ONLY interested in how his thread TITLES affect this forum and its acceptance and availability, and I will continue to make that point as long as folks keep setting up straw men to shoot down.


Bill D, the old nitpickin' curmudgeon who probably knows more bawdy songs than most of you...