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Posted By: curmudgeon
12-May-05 - 05:33 AM
Thread Name: pg13 Lyr Add: 'Hot Vagina' Trad. Bawdy Song
Subject: RE: pg13 Lyr Add: 'Hot Vagina' Trad. Bawdy Song
I first encountered and learned this song from "The Dirty Songbook" which I purchased in a "dirty" bookstore in Boston back in the late 60s. Only recently did I learn that the book was by Ed Cray, writing under a nom de plume.

The correct song title for the tune is "When It's Roundup Time in Texas," and was the basis of the Tom MIx radio theme song. BTW, it was not then Ralston-Purina, but just Ralston, a hot cereal that was pushed from time to time in some of the programs.

Keep up the good work, John and let the prudes and puritans be buggered. Those who question the "traditional" aspects of your work have no knowledge of Burns or D'Urfey.

I really will find the time to call you with a couple songs -- Tom Hall