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Posted By: Charley Noble
12-May-05 - 08:51 AM
Thread Name: pg13 Lyr Add: 'Hot Vagina' Trad. Bawdy Song
Subject: RE: pg13 Lyr Add: 'Hot Vagina' Trad. Bawdy Song
The original "Hot Ralston Song" was pretty sexy in its way. I'll post the traditional lyrics as I remember them from back when my brother and I used to hear them over the family RADIO:

Hot Ralston for your breakfast,
Hot Ralston for your lunch,
Hot Ralston for your dinner,
Hot Ralston for your brunch;
It's delicious, it's nutritious,
Bite-sized and ready to eat,
Take a tip from Tom,
Go tell your Mom,
"Hot Ralston can't be beat!"

Always loved the internal rhyming, which is sadly missing from the vagina versions that John and Jeri posted. Maybe their informants had memory problems.

Charley Noble