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Posted By: bill kennedy
12-May-05 - 11:26 AM
Thread Name: pg13 Lyr Add: 'Hot Vagina' Trad. Bawdy Song
Subject: RE: pg13 Lyr Add: 'Hot Vagina' Trad. Bawdy Song
I haven't weighed in on this argument yet, but I'm on the side of John here and elsewhere, keep em coming, as it were! No censorship of sings or titles needed. Prudery be damned. They're only words, and I think it's long past time we stop 'accomodating' the easily offended. They don;t have to read or open the thread, let alone comment on it.

Obvioulsy in this case the lyrics have been changed each time to fit the various melodies, but it would be easy enough to take the Hot Ralston lyrics and sing some altered Hot Vagina lyrics (none of the above postings) to that tune. It should also be easy to find the tune somewhere if that is what you need someone to sing to you. Garrison Keillor has sung it various times on PHC, for instance.