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Posted By: Bill D
12-May-05 - 01:26 PM
Thread Name: pg13 Lyr Add: 'Hot Vagina' Trad. Bawdy Song
Subject: RE: pg13 Lyr Add: 'Hot Vagina' Trad. Bawdy Song
"Joe says that there is still some technical work being done to "elegantly" find in a "solution" that allow people who are filtered to access the forum.   I am still waiting. "

so am I...

So, what might be done, Joe and Jeff? John says HE will not compromise at all, despite pleas and alternate suggestions.

I note that a search for "hot vagina" on Google gives John's website as the first hit, with some of his 'sources' right after, so there is certainly no problem finding it for those who WISH to find it.

As for me, I shall follow John's suggestion and stop posting directly to threads started by John with explicit titles, in hopes that others will do the same and they will quickly drop off the landscape. If I feel I MUST make a comment, I will start a separate thread with a title that leaves no doubt as to the subject matter....just as John could do if he were willing to compromise.