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Posted By: Mark Cohen
13-May-05 - 04:46 AM
Thread Name: Lyr/Tune Add: Vu Iz Dos Gesele
Subject: RE: Lyr/Tune Add: Vu Iz Dos Gesele
Wilfried, don't be so quick to "cancel" the word "shtub". The Yiddish/Hebrew vowel in question (a vav with a dagesh, or dot, to the left of it) is pronounced "ee" in some locales and "oo" in others. My grandfather and aunt used to have (playful) fights at the Passover seder: "It's Dayenu!" "No, it's Dayeni!" Not to mention the classic noodle pudding, which was either "kigel" or "kugel" depending on which side of the table you were sitting on. My high school friend Steve Cohen used to laugh whenever Mike Cohen (we all sat next to one another in homeroom, of course) said "Zu gezunt" when someone sneezed; Steve would say "Tzi gezint" (to your health). I was told that the two accents were "Galitzianer" and "Litvak." From the expression on my grandfather's face when he said "Litvak" I knew which one he was. And he loved kigel.