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Posted By: Goose Gander
13-May-05 - 09:37 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add:Married Woman's Lament (wish I was single)
Here's another one, I'm not sure exactly where it fits in among the others. McNeil notes only that it is a nineteenth century song with textual parallels to "Little Birdie".

"A Married Woman's Lament"

Oh Cupid, Oh Cupid you use me severe
You kept me a-loving for several long years
You kept me a-loving in anquish and pain
Oh, how I wish I was single again

Before I was married 'twas nothing but love
'Twas Oh my ducky darling, my sweet honey dove
But now I'm married, it's a quite different thing
Get up and get breakfast you darn lazy thing

Before I was married I lived at my ease
But now I am married I have a husband to please
Four small children and them to maintain
Oh, how I wish I was single again

Washing and mending we daily have to do
Ironing and baking must be remembered, too
House to clean up when the Spring comes, too
The young ones are squalling, Oh what will I do

One cries, 'Mother, I want a piece of bread'
The other cries, 'Mama, I want to go to bed'
Take those children and put them to bed
Before their father curses them and wishes they were dead

Printed in W.K. McNeil, Southern American Folksongs (Little Rock Publishers, 1993)