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Posted By: GUEST
14-May-05 - 12:37 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Ballad of 'Jonestown' . Sing it anyone?
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Ballad of 'Jonestown' . Sing it anyone?

Brucie, Are you saying the song "The Titanic" is NOT a folksong?  The earliest date collected for the song was eight years after the sinking (see here).  Are you saying 'The Titanic' was not a folksong when someone learned it in 1920?  How about 1929?  1931?  When did "The Titanic" become traditional? 

How many years have to pass before you will accept a song to be traditional?  

I am defining traditional in the sense that the people have originally sung the song have "passed away".   In rugby circles, a complete generation of rugby players will have "passed away" after 5-10 years. Hence we have anywhere from two to five generations of rugby players have sung this song was "written". 

Brucie, how many people sing your songs, learned them anonymously by an oral process, anonymously and how many generations have sung your songs?