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Posted By: Kaleea
14-May-05 - 02:18 AM
Thread Name: BS: Allergies
Subject: RE: BS: Allergies
The pollens are alive & blowing in Kansas, too. Here, the powers that be are going to make certain that the tiny bit of allergy med which barely works since they took the better products off the market a few years back, is now to be obtained only from behind the counter of a pharmacy, & one must show one's ID & sign for it as one must do for a narcotic. And, why? Because bad guys get it & make crack out of it. In Oklahoma they enacted this new law, & the crack labs have significantly diminished, making the arrests for crack makers go down. Thus, they have efficiently removed much of the crime of Oklahoma, & send the crack makers & searchers across state lines. Just think of the lost revenue in taxes. The crack makers must go out of state to purchase their supplies--& pay the taxes on it. Then they, as well as those addicts who search for it, must purchase much more gasoline out of state--& provide that state with more tax money. Ingenious, isn't it. And, since I do not have medical coverage of any type, I am subject to attempting to find lesser products for which now, I must pay 3-4 times more than just mere weeks ago when I could get it at a dollar type store. Ahh, Spring.