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Posted By: open mike
15-May-05 - 01:46 AM
Thread Name: looking for tree songs for radio show
Subject: RE: looking for tree songs for radio show
oh goody!
thanks for suggestions of:
The Yew Tree--Gaughan
Malvina Reynolds "Lambert Children"
here are some of the ones i did play:
Los Laureles--Linda Ronstadt
Bristlecone Pine--sung by Jim Salestrom--written by Hugh Prestwood
piney wood hills--buffy st. marie
In the Pines--strange creek singers
dregs of birch--the duhks
birch--bill morrissey
trail of the lonesome pine--ron spears & within tradition
southern pine--richard leigh
mike seeger--green willow tree
laurie lewis--maple's lament
stephen stills--treetop flyer
michael hedges, graham naqsh, neil young--spring bud
utah phillips--natural resources
john gorka--water is wide from a pete seeger anthology
chris williamson & tret fure--carolina pines by kate wolf
good life--by rail road earth
what have they done to the rain--written by malvina reynolds sung by
rosalee sorrells
gum tree canoe-john hartford
tumbleweed--toni price
grey delisle--maple tree
bill staines--logger song
bok muir & trickett--tree of life

and a few more....

i was inspired to do this special show
because there is logging planned all around
my area and i am hoping to save some of the
trees from being taken!

Plus it was Arbor day recently..
a day that is commemorated in the U.S.
usually in April around Earth Day.

this is a holiday that encourages people
to plant trees. It was started by J. Sterling Morton,
from my home state of nebraska.

i would love to hear and learn your song, charlie,
about the kid--the kid who won!! hooray for tree houses!!

i remember i used to sing a song about a little bird
who built her nest in the white oak tree "so the bad
boys cannot bother me".

it seems like there may be another about an acorn
who becomes a mighty oak..

i might have to do another 2 hour special next
month in order to include all the songs and tunes
I wanted to!!

(the ash grove how graceful, how plainly tis speaking,
the ash grove, the ash grove has language for me...)

Kate wolf had a beautiful song about swinging on a
rope swing from a branch...i am not sure she ever recorded it..

also bury me beneath the willow, under the weeping willow tree..

there are so many songs!!