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Posted By: Little Neophyte
12-Dec-99 - 10:22 PM
Thread Name: Fielding-Stubbs-Laskin Inc.
Subject: RE: Fielding-Stubbs-Laskin Inc.
Just to add a few things to the tall & handsome Peter T.'s review.......
At first, I questioned how kosher this new corporation was going to be because initially the three of them walked onto the stage like boys from the mob, carring their attache cases & wearing dark sunglasses.
Then there was the Award Giving.
Grit Laskin already has received an Award for Excellence in musical instrument making.
Curly Boy (Paul)Stubbs has some kind of award for working with Sharon Lois and Bram.
So last night, Rick got an Award for Congeniality.
Then there was Rick's rare kazoo. Made from specially designed wood. He stuck a long funnel on each side of the kazoo to enhance the sound. It was a great hit!
Rick, Paul & Grit were hilarious! I would have been 'rolling on the floor with laughter' but I feared with such a crowd, I would have lost my seat.

It was also wonderful to meet some other Mudcatters.
Peter T., Tony Burns, and Michael K.
Without Duckboots organizational skills & hard work this evening would have never happened.
Thanks Heather, it was wonderful success!