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Posted By: Willie-O
16-May-05 - 08:27 PM
Thread Name: Fiddler's elbow
Subject: RE: Fiddler's elbow
I am both a fiddler and a carpenter. Have had tendonitis from carpentry, swinging a hammer too much bang bang bang. The arm brace helps to continue plying the trade (not full time any more)--so does a lightweight ergonomically designed framing hammer. Wonder if anyone has ever designed a fiddle with these considerations in mind?

Physiotherapy is very useful. A skilled practitioner can, over repeated visits, break down the congealed (bruised under skin) muscle mass that is so awkward, and also show you useful exercises and such.

Ibuprofen, a non-prescription painkiller, is sort of too effective--the best physiotherapist I saw practically freaked when I told her how much I was taking. It can damage your stomach lining, needs to be taken in moderation, with food.

By interesting coincidence, I spent the day swinging a hammer, and just got off the phone from making a down payment on a sweet handmade mandolin which I fell in love with on Saturday in large part because it was SO FREAKIN COMFORTABLE to play. Worth considering.

And just because you haven't been playing much doesn't keep it away, obviously--what else have you been doing with that elbow?

Best of luck, I really really recommend taking some physio--you will learn some very good stuff.