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Posted By: Azizi
17-May-05 - 04:40 PM
Thread Name: African American Secular Folk Songs
Subject: RE: African American Secular Folk Songs
Thanks Greg!

I appreciate your comments.

And your sentence: "Travelling hopefully has always been better than arriving." sounds real heavy.

I gotta give you a high five for that one. I'm not sure if it is true all the time, but I've found it to be true at least some of the time.

And Greg, you know what just occurred to me? Since African Americans are a mixed race people anyway, and because in the USA there is alot of interaction across racial lines, it shouldn't be surprising that our [African American] secular and religious music-including gospels, jazz, and R&B, Hip-Hop etc- are from mutiple racial sources.

What ticks me off is the sense that in the USA and Europe if race is not mentioned, most people ASSUME that White people are/were the ones who created or invented the art work or product.

Ms. Azizi