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Posted By: GUEST,freds
18-May-05 - 09:15 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Greetings, dear friends.

My name is unpronouncable, restricted by your anatomy and the fact that you exist in too few dimensions. But I am a Healer Of The Mind.

I have information that several freds may have visited your coordinates in the very recent past, and from evidence here I find the information credible. For your own continued existence I suggest that you have nothing to do with these entities.

Of those who have visited you, the entity which called itself "Debbie Earl" was the most dangerous. This entity still exists; that is, it has not opted for nonexistence, but it IS very securely confined in a compassionate two dimensional matrix. It suffers from an occluded gestalt, hyperextension of n-dimensional violence, and a compulsion to extreme termination and reuse of the vitality principles of its sexual and nonsexual partners during pleasuring/reproductive activities.

No rational and/or sane fred would willingly visit the backwater hole of your planetary/dimensional space. I mean, why would they? So an entity calling itself a fred does come, please inform me or call fred Continua Enforcement. Do not attempt to deal with these entities yourself! My contact code is &4!:9A:..66~9341R and I will answer that code during periods of any activity or inactivity. fCE is, of course, available via the usual Emergency Number.

Thank you for your cooperation in making the Universes safer, better places to exist within and without.