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Posted By: InOBU
13-Dec-99 - 10:53 AM
Thread Name: Martin Carthy - general discussion
Subject: RE: Martin Carthy
A New Modest Proposal from another Anglo Irishman
No, I am not going to suggest we eat Martin Carthy, as my Brother in our odd little acendency might, but rather, that we not create a hirearchy of greatness and influence. I am the first to admit, Carthy has had a GREAT influence on my appreciation of traditional music, as has Ewan McColl, and for totally different reasons. In fact I hope we heep such praise on him that his modesty is well challenged, BUT, How bout someone starting a thread, of a non-hirearchical Mudcat Hall of Fame, in which we dont compare inflence, but honor each in their own unique place. In that hall of fame of equals, somewhat like saliors snug harbor, the seamans retirement home, where each is given the title captain, so all are equal in retirement, lets give each the roll of inovator, keeper of tradition and teacher to generations to come... and we can start the H of F with the already acknowleged here, Martin Carthy
All the best
Larry Otway