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Posted By: Blackcat2
13-Dec-99 - 10:56 AM
Thread Name: Wassail ? What is it ...
Subject: RE: Wassail ? What is it ...
To me, one of the interesting things about Wassailing is the mixture of the two Pagan holidays Yule and Samhain (Hallowe'en) when it comes to the "door to door" bit. In my group of friends in Orlando Florida, there seems to be an inability on the part of some people to accept the concept that people used to go door to door at bothe Hallowe'en and Yule (this comes up each year when we dust off our Winter holiday music and "A-Soulin'" is immediately thrown in the mix even though it directly references Hallowe'en.

The biggest problem seems to be the lyric similarity between Here We Come A-Caroling and A-Soulin'. Of course the strange thing is that the same people who have a hard time accepting the concept of people going door-to-door for both Yule and Hallowe'en actually go door-to-door with their kids on Hallowe'en trick or treating.

For those of us who are Pagan, it feels very weird to sing A-Soulin' at a Winter concert.

pax yall