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Posted By: Jim Dixon
19-May-05 - 07:57 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Dixie Darling (A Gillespie & P Wenrich)
Subject: Lyr Add: DIXIE DARLING (A Gillespie, P Wenrich)
The University of South Carolina Sheet Music Collection:

Words, Arthur Gillespie. Music, Percy Wenrich. 1909.

1. Way down below the Mason-Dixon line,
Down where the honeysuckles entwine,
Where southern winds are forever a-blowing,
Roses abloom and magnolias a-growing,
There's where the girls fill my heart with delight,
Banjos in tune while the moon's shining bright,
Singing a song to my own Dixie darling,
Singing a song of love.

CHORUS: My Dixie darling,
List to this song I sing
Beneath a silv'ry moon
With banjo right in tune.
My heart is ever true.
I want no one but you,
My Dixie darling, my Dixie queen.

2. Girls of the north in their gay finery,
Whirling around in society,
Somehow to me never seemed so appealing.
Over me now comes a feeling a-stealing.
Let me go back to my old southern home,
There with my darlings to ramble and roam.
There's where my heart is forever returning.
There's where I long to be.

[Note: The title on the cover is DIXIE DARLINGS. The title on page 1 of music is DIXIE DARLING.]