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Posted By: PoppaGator
19-May-05 - 03:47 PM
Thread Name: Carter Family on PBS Amer. Exp. 9 May 05
Subject: RE: Carter Family on PBS Amer. Exp. 9 May 05
I had not been aware of this program until I accidentally happened upon the final 15-20 minutes a couple of nights ago. I learned more than I had known before about the Carter family, but was left with some unanswered questions that I'm sure many of you can answer (even if you didn't see the program!)

I'm mainly confused about the status of Maybelle, whom I have often heard referred to as "Mother Maybelle." I now learn that Sara was married to A.P. (though later divorced) and was the mother of some if not all of the siblings who would grow up to perform with the group, and that Maybelle was her (Sara's) cousin.

I don't even understand how Maybelle's last name could have been Carter, except by coincidence, since she was kin to Sara, who was a Carter only by marriage. If the program airs again, I'll be sure to watch from the beginning, but there might not be an opportunity.

If no one responds, I'm sure I'll get around to finding this info somewhere, somehow. It's not critical, not a real high priority for me right now, but I am, as always, just curious...