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Posted By: Dave (the ancient mariner)
19-May-05 - 04:20 PM
Thread Name: BS: Independent Quebec
Subject: RE: BS: Independent Quebec
Guest AJ, Again a very complex question with a couple of possible scenario's.

Canadians are renown for being very multi cultural, and very compromising during disputes. Nationalism for the most part is secure in Canada, we are patriotic without needing rabid and flagrant displays of it. I suspect compromise with Quebec would be difficult but not impossible. Our system of government has its advantages in that we could find common ground with a separate but allied Quebec; they are "family" after all..

On the other hand, recent political woes have opened up some polarization of regions; and it may lead to some very hard feelings between Quebec and those different regions in Canada. The west and central Canada being split from eastern Canada could force them into considering republican status; perhaps seduced by Americans? :)

Historical family ties with the UK are somewhat diluted over the years by immigration from many lands other than the UK, and the younger Canadians have been less inclined to believe in the importance of that historical link. Even the Constitutional Monarchy and the unique political makeup of Canada has been under review by republican sympathies. There are an increasing number of people believing (wrongly in my opinion) that there is merit in republicanism.

Eastern Canada has very close business and family ties to both Europe and the USA. If forced to go it alone, the eastern provinces would be beguiled by links to the USA; and tempted to reforge an alliance with the UK and Europe; possibly as a united group, but more likely a couple of small republics.

I honestly think that Canada would survive united without Quebec, but would be very dysfunctional. Ultimately there are several solutions possible, and anything I say is merely a guess and a personal view. Interesting subject, one that I have considered for many years. I lived in Quebec for five and a half years as a new Canadian, and have been involved in both referendums. Perhaps Quebec will change and dissolve the separatist movement down the road, but I dont think so.

Yours, Aye. Dave