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Posted By: Metchosin
19-May-05 - 07:17 PM
Thread Name: BS: Independent Quebec
Subject: RE: BS: Independent Quebec
Why, Dave, would a few Vikings in the mix make any difference? The premise still remains, what originally was the home of the first nations people, was still invaded. The government's of Canada and BC are still having trouble legally claiming right to all lands within this province, because very few treaties were ever signed extinguishing prior aboriginal right.

I'm sure there are more than a few Cree and Innuit in northern Quebec (or Rupert's Land, formerly controlled by the Hudson's Bay Company under the British crown and not the French) among others and handed over to Quebec as a province, by Canada, that would wonder if the status of that land needed rethinking.

An agreement in principal regarding the land of the Cree and Innuit was not reached with Quebec and Canada until 1974 and because the Government of Canada paid a goodly portion of the $225 million price tag to the aboriginal people for that land, I'm sure there would have to be some interesting renegotiations there.

Likewise the status of any inter-provincial agreements re hydro, between Newfoundland-Labrador and Quebec would require even more of a rethink, particularly if, all of a sudden, this was no longer an agreement between provinces, but rather a deal between countries. Could be interesting and a lot more profitable for Newfoundland if a few underwater hydro lines ended up bypassing La Belle Province, to transport power from Newfoundland/Labrador to the American Northeast.

A separate country using American currency? And just how long do you believe you would remain so and retain your separate identity in the great American melting pot? Haven't you heard, Americans are at times not too keen on the French. French law in Quebec? I wouldn't count on it And I don't believe it would take much time before someone was bitching about the French signs as well as Spanish. Damned those upitty ethnic minorities, just who do they think they are? How come they don't behave like those nice Cajuns in Louisiana?

On a positive note, at least Quebec would no longer be able to retain the exclusive right under Canadian law, to the production of mozzarella cheese.