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Posted By: dianavan
19-May-05 - 11:34 PM
Thread Name: BS: Independent Quebec
Subject: RE: BS: Independent Quebec
Quebec has more than a possibility of retaining their French cultural roots (including their language) as Canadians than they do if they become Americans. Its abusurd to think of independence if it means becoming a part of the States.

Lets face it, even in B.C., we honor our French family and friends. We have bonds as a nation of people that surpass any political entity that can be devised. Threats of separation are only threats to further the careers of a small handful of politicians.

If anyone should separate, its B.C. We're just waiting for Calif, Oregon, Washington State and Alaska to join us. Cascadia has been a long time dream and B.C. has much more in common with those on the west coast than any province in Canada.

Lets do this, the Americans can have Quebec if Canada can have Alaska. Sounds fair to me.