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Posted By: gnu
20-May-05 - 01:34 PM
Thread Name: BS: Independent Quebec
Subject: RE: BS: Independent Quebec
Too bad the rest of the country can't follow our lead here in New Brunswick, the only officially bilingual province, heart of Acadie, with about equal size populations of French and Irish descendants which, together, make up about 65% of the total population.

Perhaps it's our common distrust of authority that binds us together and, thereby, unites us in the common defense of our rights. Perhaps it is aided by our common religeon. Perhaps it also has to do with our "prolific" nature, resulting in many marriages across the language difference. A great number of Acadians have Irish blood as well, and vice versa.

Good post Rapaire. I am sure you know the difference between Quebec and Acadian history, but some may not. It is very different. I shall not attempt to give any lessons. Let me just say, don't ever call an Acadian a Quebecois or vice versa. Jacques Parizeau said "sovereigty or civil war"... many Acadians would be amongst the first volunteers to arms.