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Posted By: Rapparee
20-May-05 - 03:59 PM
Thread Name: BS: Independent Quebec
Subject: RE: BS: Independent Quebec
I don't do revionsist history. New things might shed a different light on things, but history is what happened -- whether we like it or not.

For example: the Indians in the United States did torture captives -- see what happened to Jacob Greathouse, for instance. And the whites were just as cruel -- read about what Jacob Greathouse did to Logan's family.

Like it or not, the facts are there and cannot be changed to suit our whims or changing perceptions.

The British burned Acadian farms and villages. The British ate food exported from Ireland during the Famine. The Germans were resposible for milllions of deaths during WW2. The Americans were responsible for Wounded Knee, Sand Creek, My Lai, Gnudenhutten. There is excellent evidence that the Japanese practiced cannibalism on POWs during WW2.

I don't do revisionist history. History isn't always pretty, but then it's not always dark and bloody, either.