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Posted By: rich-joy
20-May-05 - 07:50 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Laszlo Feher (Dave & Toni Arthur)
Subject: RE: recdg-LazloFaye/LaszloFeyer-Arthur/Lloyd
Thank you very much Eric the Red, for the page from Dave & Toni's songbook :

It is written as "LASZLO FEHER" but with accents over the A and O and the last E and "pronunciation : Las-low fe(as in feather)-hair".

It is noted as "Traditional. Tune arranged and words collated by Dave and Toni Arthur. Words reprinted by kind permission of A.L.Lloyd. Tune, copyright 1970 Galliard Ltd."

Other notes say : "The widest sung of Hungarian ballads. Originating possibly in Italy, it spread to Spain and England, where Shakespeare used the story for "Measure for Measure". This version, translated by A.L.Lloyd, probably dates from the 19th century."

As far as the words go, all the versions I've seen here are pretty close except for particular words, but, it's really just "folk process" stuff! e.g.

"Stole him ON the misty mountains"
"Word was BROUGHT to ANNA Feyer"
"Bring me gold and six WHITE horses"
"He will rob you of your FLOWER"
"There she heard the gallows GROANING"
"There among the pine trees GROWING"

So, I can't wait to hear Toni Arthur SINGING this song, as so many have said that HERS is the definitive version!!!

Thanks agin Eric - and thanks also Breezy, for your assistance.

Cheers! R-J

PS I (and many others) am still intrigued as to who the "Neil Roth and Lydia Wood" were, whom Judy Collins credits in her 1963 songbook - and her liner notes for the 1964 "Judy Collins 3" LP say about this song : "I think "Anathea" is an ingenious combination of "traditional-sounding" lyrics and melody. I am told that Lydia Wood was given the poem when she was in Paris a few years ago, and set the lovely melody to this story of cruel justice" ...