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Posted By: Dave (the ancient mariner)
21-May-05 - 12:57 AM
Thread Name: BS: Independent Quebec
Subject: RE: BS: Independent Quebec
Well I have to say that voting for the present Liberal party is somewhat akin to an abused spouse forming excuses to stay married to the abuser. Saving our present government merely prolongs the abuse. Harper does not scare me as much as continuing to be raped by the Quebec political clique. However Canadians appear to be happy and enjoy being screwed and lied to rather than electing decent politicians.

There is a really astute NDP MP in my part of the world, and if I were in his riding I would vote for him based on the fact he is a very honest and decent MP. Belinda Stronach betrayed her principals for a cabinet position; it shows how low someone will go to get power. Was she serving her constituents? I could understand if she crossed the floor as an independant supporting the budget. Even accept her defection if she earned a cabinet position after the fact; but to walk into one the same day smacks of political sell out to me.

Yours, Aye. Dave