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Posted By: Stephen R.
22-May-05 - 12:30 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Common European Folksong/tunes
Subject: RE: Origins: Common European Folksong/tunes
Well, the Hungarian musicologists think, or once thought (I'm not at all up to date on this), that some similarities could be observed between Hungarian folk tunes and those of the Ob-Ugrians (Khanty & Mansi, formerly Ostyak & Vogul). And it seems that there *ought* to be some residual likeness of Breton tunes with those of Cornwall & Wales, although no one seems to be able to come up with anything concrete. Galicia (the one in NW Spain) has now been added to the Celtic category; I suppose the next step would be either old Galatia (now in Turkey) or Galicia in Western Ukraine, but so far no one seems to have claimed them . . . ;)