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Posted By: mandoleer
23-May-05 - 06:24 PM
Thread Name: The funniest song you have ever heard II
Subject: RE: The funniest song you have ever heard II
No-one's mentioned Dave Summers - author and performer of such gems as 'They're emptying their dogs out down our street', and 'The Belly Button Fluff song'. Or Les Barker, with 'The William Patel Overture' (poppadum poppadum poppadum dum dum), Earwig O, In the Gateaux, Hunting the Wren and others too numerous to mention.
We used to do Sister Josephine many years ago - never knew who wrote it!
And I still like and sometimes perform 'Black Widows in the Privy', but not to the original tune which I can't remember. I use something rather Christmassy sounding with a bit of Chopin to finish off. Probably the only person to play Chopin on the mandolin balalaika....