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Posted By: GUEST,petr
24-May-05 - 08:59 PM
Thread Name: BS: The way it should be......
Subject: RE: BS: The way it should be......
well Ive changed my mind with respect to the invasion of Iraq.
While not wholeheartedly in favor, I was not against it mainly for humanitarian reasons, however whether its worth it in the long run it depends on the outcome. And the outcome doesnt look that great,
as it was one screwup after another. (disbanding the Iraqi Army with their weapons (one of the dumbest military decisions of the last century), Abu Ghraib.

of course we all know that Bush and Co. didnt go in because of the 'long suffering people of Iraq' the argument was Weapons of Mass destruction, and we of course know (after David Kays report) that the authorities have long since given up looking for these fictional weapons.

what about the 'long suffering people' of Uzbekistan, whose 'president for life' Islam Karimov received 500$ million US in aid in exchange for airbases on the 'War on Terror', how did George Bush react to the 500 people that were killed in a demonstration two weeks ago when the were fired upon by Uzbek troops? did it even make the news in the US?

the outcome also depends on how long the US intends to stay in Iraq,
we know they are building 14 superbases, but when only 2% of the people in Iraq view the US as liberators, one wonders how viable those bases will be.

what it really depends on is just how much increased costs and US dead the American population is willing to accept - the socalled MOGADISHU line.