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25-May-05 - 01:21 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Aloha 'oe / Farewell to thee
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Aloha 'oe / Farewell to thee
The Queen was about 40 years old when she wrote "Aloha 'oe," a productive part of her song-writing life. Her melodies are simple and memorable, more of them deserve to be heard.

A number of the missionaries, by 1880, had become wealthy, and were with the group that took over in 1893. The growth in power of the white immigrants, with their plantations, cattle ranches, merchandising and shipping wealth was what really killed the kingdom. Intermarriage with the 'royals' added to their power and holdings.
Sanford Dole and his relative James Dole, from a missionary family, helped with a 'revolution' in 1887 which took away the right to vote of native Hawaiians. After the Queen was deposed, Dole served as president for six years.
A little story to remember whenever you buy Dole pineapple.

Then there was Ladd & Co., (descendant is C & H Sugar), helped to get land by the missionaries, who wanted to see Hawaiians become farm laborers.

Perhaps the acceptance of the New England missionaries by the Hawaiians was the real origin of the Kingdom's downfall.