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Posted By: Amos
25-May-05 - 11:55 AM
Thread Name: BS: The way it should be......
Subject: RE: BS: The way it should be......

Personal responsibility, in my book, includes wearing the hat of a citizen and seeking the greatest good for the commonweal at all levels. If your version ends at the narrow, hard boundary of your own self-centered flesh, then you haven't a clue.

Your accusations about welfare-happiness are ridiculous, unfounded, and not supported by anything beyond your own blathering.

Take your fuzzy and bigoted thinking elsewhere. You not only do not have a monoploly on responsibility, you are to a large degree a mockery of the real thing with your paper tiger hatred and your dramatized misconceptions about what other people believe. Get thee to a rednecked nunnery, sirrah, you are a jackanapes.