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Posted By: Alba
26-May-05 - 05:13 PM
Thread Name: BS: The way it should be......
Subject: RE: BS: The way it should be......
I went in search of more 'enlightment" from the Author of the Essay..Keith Thompson....hey if that guy was ever on the Left in was only when he was driving on the highway so how he could have jumped ship is beyond me!
Fallacious is far too kind a word to describe such a piece Amos...

When at a loss for Truth it would appear the 'Right' will grab anything, even Lies and hype, in the hope that in doing so they may get back at least some of their credibility.
This article and Keith Thompson unfortunately will not assist in that goal. As my journey into his other masterpieces...***cough*** have shown me.
Banal at best and completely without basis, kind of sums up how I feel about a lot of these "Let's bash the Left" articles showing up at the end of a blue clicky lately on the Mudcat... in a weird way they are strangely laughable....but when looked at from a serious is disturbing that some actually swallow and promote this non sense!
Being Right and being there is an oxymoron these days.