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Posted By: Guy Wolff
14-Dec-99 - 10:17 PM
Thread Name: Your 4 top fantasy instruments
Subject: RE: Your 4 top fantisy instroments
Hello everyone,,Thanks for the warm and fuzzy blankets about my spelling.. No bad feelings came from the comment.. I am learning so much with this machine.. Did you know that nexst is actuley spelled NEXT and that dose is reley DOSE..{About a year ago I bought myself some byphocles glasses and so was able to start reading again after meny years of having to ask my wife for the teliphone numbers out of the book..When I was a kid the eye docs said I wouldnt see past middle age so I was intimadated to go to the eye Doc., so when he said I just needed biphocals I was realy ELATED} I know bad spelling can be grating but I love you guys so much I have to talk anyway...It's sort of like having to sing no matter what kind of voice we may have...I guess its to much to aks Max to put in a spell check hew<>><><><><><><>< Ps I liked MaryMac90's comments no matter how meny times she said them... It make s this thread look realy interesting out on the big board... All my best to everyone And I do mean Everyone ,,Guy