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Posted By: voyager
14-Dec-99 - 10:46 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: The Old Granite State (Campaign Song
Subject: ADD: The Old Granite State (Campaign Songs)
Last October we started a thread on Presidential
Campaign songs (with reference to an Oscar Brand CD.

The lyrics that got me started on the subject came from
a visit to the Hillsboro, New Hampshire homestead of
FRANKLIN PIERCE - our 15th president. Please take
note of the chorus.

Credit for this thread go to Christina Chadwick of the Hillsboro Historical Society`who mailed me the lyrics. Original citation was given to the History of Hillsboro by C. Browne c. 1921.


Come, let's put the ball in motion,
Let us raise a great commotion,
For the Democratic notion
From the old Granite State.
Oh, come forth from hill and valley,
From the mountains let us sally
Round our candidate we'll rally,
Frol the old Granite State.

We're a band of locos, we're a band of locos,
We're a band of locos, and we'll shout for Pierce and King

Franklin Pierce's nomination
Meets the people's approbation.
'Twas the nicest calculation
Of the old Virginia State.
Oh, the Whigs are getting weary,
For their prospects are but dreary,
There is nothing for them cheer
From the old Granite State.


Franklin Pierce's elevation
Will do honor to the nation,
For he bears that reputation
In the old Granite State.
While this story we are telling,
Oh, we know with rage you're swelling,
But the Empire keeps propelling
For the old Granite State.


For the Union we're united,
And to that our faith is plighted,
For they've sworn to see it righted
In the old Granite State.
So you may as well retire,
For into your rear we'll fire,
Old Virginia never tires
With the old Granite State.


Tim Weil (aka voyager)
Silver Spring, Maryland