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Posted By: Bruce O.
15-Dec-99 - 01:27 AM
Thread Name: Origin: Mary Mild / Bitter Withy / Holy Well
Subject: RE: History of 'Mary Mild' ?
The Bitter Withy" is sung by A. L. Lloyd on Riverside RLP 12-629 Ewan Macoll sang "The Holy Well" on the same, and for another, but slightly variant from that below, (DT's Corpus Christi Carol) we have A. L. LLoyd on the same recording.

[From Frank Sigwick in 'Notes and Queries', 1905, but here from repeat in Chambers and Sidgwick's notes in 'Early English Lyrics', dedicated to A. H. Bullen.]

[Down in Yon Forest]

Over yonder's a park, which is newly begun,
All bells in paradise I heard them a-ring;
Which is silver on the outside, and gold within,
And I love sweet Jesus above all things

And in that park there stands a hall,
Which is covered all over with purple pall,

And in that hall there stands a bed,
Which is hung all around with silk curtains so red,

And in that bed there lies a knight,
Whose wounds they do bleed by day and night,

At that bed side there lies a stone,
Which is our blessed Virgin Mary then kneeling on,

At that bed's foot there lies a hound,
Which is licking the blood as it daily runs down,

At that bed's head there grows a thorn,
Which was never so blossomed since Christ was born,