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Posted By: dianavan
02-Jun-05 - 02:59 AM
Thread Name: BS: The way it should be......
Subject: RE: BS: The way it should be......
Ebbie - I am not a traitor but I wouldn't hesitate for a moment to accuse Bush of consorting with the enemies of humanity.

I would also accuse him of being undemocratic.

I would also accuse him of being complicit in the Darfur tragedy by shielding the Sudanese government and witholding significant support for Black Africans.

No, Ebbie, I am a red-blooded American hybrid. I actually respect   the U.S. constitution and wish that others had the same rights and privileges that I do. I also believe that if you don't protect your freedom, it will be taken away from you.

Martin can say what he wants about me because I have no respect for anyone who doesn't respect me. Its water off a duck's back. What frightens me is that there are some Mudcatters who actually give him power by laughing along. Bullies thrive on that. It validates them.

My guess is that Bush got his power in a similar fashion. Weak people will always stand behind a bully. Their biggest fear is that if they don't laugh along, the bully might turn on them.