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Posted By: Clinton Hammond2
15-Dec-99 - 08:06 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req/Add: Me & Martin (Gary Fjellgaard)
Subject: Lyr Add: ME & MARTIN (Gary Fjellgaard)
On second thought... I got nothin' better to do than grab the tape and type it up now... I hope I get the HTML garbage right....

Gary Fjellgaard
As recorded by Gary Fjellgaard on "Me & Martin" (1976)

Well, the battle scars are deep upon the face of my guitar:
Weathered lines, his old age keeps showin' through.
Listen to how he's playin', just slightly out of tune.
Not his fault; I got four thumbs instead of two.

Well, I can recall the tavern when the waiter tripped and fell.
He filled old Martin's wooden belly full of beer.
The lines upon his lacquer are as lines upon my brow,
And I suppose he felt the stain of many tears.

CHORUS: Won't you put him in the comfort of his satin travel bed
That keeps him from the sunshine and the cold?
He will still be makin' music long after I am gone.
It's just me and Martin a-growin' old.

Ol' Martin has kept me goin' through the shadows in the night.
I can't remember when he ever let me down,
Playin' for the wishes of this temper'mental fool
In a country hall or concert in the town.

Now, the wheels of fame and fortune they turn from diamonds into dust,
And the lights upon the stage are slowly dimmed.
Standing in the silence after ev'rybody's gone,
You can hear ol' Martin playin' once again.