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Posted By: Once Famous
05-Jun-05 - 08:43 PM
Thread Name: BS: Patriot Act unconstitutional?
Subject: RE: BS: Patriot Act unconstitutional?
I don't ever say who the pms are from, dianavan. Just that they are there and some here get a real kick out of how idiotic you look and how much they have have enjoyed certain threads I particpate in.

I have no intention of rvealing the IDs of those friends and supporters here. That's what privacy is all about.

But it means a lot to me that you usual goons who have been howling for months and months here on Mudcat know that there are more here than you think that silently have agreed with me how full of crap you, CarolC, stupid Guests like Casual Observer and other Guests who everybody has speculated to me who they obviously are.

You will just have to realize that I get constantly recharged from these confidonts and will continue to say what I think to watch you tap dance and continue to howl, and howl, and howl, and howl.

Like I said in other thread, it's really no big deal to me.