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Posted By: chico
06-Jun-05 - 12:14 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Roll, Alabama Roll
Subject: Lyr/Chords Add: ROLL, ALABAMA ROLL
    G                          D7
In eighteen-hundred and sixty-one,
D       G      D7
Roll, Alabama, roll!
      G             7 Em B7 Em
The ship's building it was begun,
C    G       D7    G
Oh, roll, Alabama, roll!

At first she was called "The Two-Ninety-Two,"
In honour of the merchants of Liverpool

To fight the North [Captain] Semmes did employ
Ev'ry method to sink and destroy.

The Alabama sailed for two whole years,
Took sixty-five [Yankee] ships in her career.

It was early on a summer's day
Captain Semmes he docked in Cherbourg Bay

It was there she met the Yankee Kersearge
With Captain Winslow in her charge

Outside the Three mile limit they fought
'Tween Navy steel and British shot

'Till a shot from the forward pivot they say
Took the Alabama's gear away

The Kearsarge won; the Alabama so brave
Sank to the bottom of a watery grave.

On June nineteenth, eighteen sixty-four,
They sent the Alabama to the ocean floor.

Then the British did the crewmen save
Roll, Alabama, roll!
From sharing their vessel's watery grave
Oh, roll, Alabama, roll!